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About our Photographer James Loyde Blackwell

My name is James Blackwell and I am the owner and photographer for Cronas Photography and Cronas Hometown Beauties.  I would like to take this time to introduce myself to those who don’t know me and let you in on a bit about the company I am running.  

 I have been taking photographs since I was in my teens, having always had a love for the art form. I have been taking pictures in a more professional aspect for the past ten years, mostly for the clubs that I have worked at.  I have come to hone my skills and to specialize in Glamour, Exotic Art, Nude, Cosplay and Portraits. I have begun to turn this skill from something that helps club owners make money into something that makes my models and me money.

 To this end I have created and currently produce magazines called Cronas’s Photography Presents.  This is currently sold on, Kindle store,, , is in talks with a few bookstores to sell in a few other outlets in the state.  I am finishing the touches on my own website dedicated to not only showing off my work, but also to make the models money through a variety of different means.  

 I am a very forward looking individual who plans out things to the smallest details, especially when it comes to my business and the money my people make.  I have great plans for the future of my photography, my magazines, and the models that I manage or work with.  I am looking down the road at five to ten years from now to the time when I will no longer be the only person working on these items.  I want to provide the ladies who model with me an income that can span years, not days.

 I have many projects in the works that all involve the models I work with and the various ways these models can make money. From the various different magazines and special editions that I have planned, to the website and all its forms, to the girls who wish me to help them land the bigger higher paying modeling jobs; I am working to do it all.

 As for myself, I am an easy going person. I am understanding of the models that work with me, as they are often times nervous and a bit skeptical of doing pictures.  I am a person who encourages first time models to bring friends or family with them to the shoot. I only ask that those who come along don’t try to tell me how to do my photographs, don’t try to interfere, and don’t try to be rude or obnoxious to the models.  The last thing I want is someone coming to a photo shoot and trying to get pictures the models are not wanting to do or ones I would prefer not to do.

 As for the pictures themselves, one might ask if I get paid for doing them.  The answer to that is mixed.  I do get paid if the magazine sells, if I get a model hired with an agency, or if I am paid to do a specific type of pictures.  I do not charge the models who work under me or the models with whom I manage.  I do this mostly for the love of taking pictures and for the girls who I am privileged to work with.

 Over this website I will go through and share some of the styles, the types and the works that I am doing.  I will hope to inform you of the future path I am carving with the business and what you can expect from me as a photographer. In the end, I will hope that you have a better understanding of the way I do things and will join our growing list of lovely ladies.

Thank you

James Blackwell

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