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Merchandise For sale

We at Cronas Photography allow those models signed with us to sell merchandise to make money and to promote their names. They sell a variety of different things, from magazines to calendars to T-shirts and puzzles. You can even order individual photos and autographed pictures for purchase if you like, from small 4x6 ones all the way to large 24x32 posters and canvases. The money made from the sales goes to the model, as well as helps pay for some of the photo events we have and do to bring about these amazing pictures.

Each model we have has produced at least one calendar with the amazing pictures they have taken.

All Calendars sell for $19.99 and are 18 month calendars starting in July of the current year.

Yes, that means each year they are updated to make sure you have a current one.

Click on the Picture to be taken to our Calendars for sale.

Our ladies produce a variety of different style and types of magazines that are for sale. These magazines are available in not only print form, but also in digital form as well.

These magazines come in several different forms, from small 40 page picture magazines, to 160 page ones which cover numerous shoots. They have ones which include their writings and bios, to ones which are just them having fun.

Click the picture to be taken to our magazine page

Our photographer also produces a number of different magazines, photo books, and actual novels which are on sale at various sites. These books and magazines are years of work compiled into some of the best works.

Not limited to just photography, James has produced several novels as well from his time working in various fields. From nightclubs to pizza, he has books written to help those in these fields, as well as several fiction novels to stretch the imagination. Click the picture to go to his page.

Would you like to purchase some of our Cronas Photography official wearable merchandise?

From T-shirts to boxers and more, you can purchase them with either the Cronas logo or even pictures of the ladies from Cronas. We also have a variety of shirts with sayings, logos and more.

Click the picture to be taken to the Clothing page.

When it comes to the individual pictures of our models there are numerous ones that we have which can be purchased in a variety of sizes.

From 4x6 at $5

To 24x32 posters for $50

There are many different ones. And you can get the model to autograph it for only an extra $10.

Click the picture to see the pictures for sale.

We also have pictures for sale in a few other styles and forms. These include puzzles, wooden, and on canvas. To see all we have to offer for the types of photos and any other extras we have,

click here

Magazines for sale
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