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Copyright © 2017 Cronas Photography, IKOU! Photography, Ronin Photography, and CAP Photography are

Licensed by James L. Blackwell and all pictures within this site are copyrighted to him.

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All photographs contained within this site are the copyright material of James Blackwell and Cronas Photography. They may not be printed or reproduced without his/their strict written permission.

All signed models are under contract, having signed a 2 year contract to have their pictures displayed and used by Cronas Photography. Any model who does implied or nude photography with Cronas Photography is above the age of 18 and has shown valid proof of ID in order to do such pictures. Signed models under the age of 18 have had parental contracts signed and had a parent or guardian present at all shoots.

Anyone who wishes to purchase prints for commercial use must contact the photographer and purchase a limited right copyright for the use of such pictures. Failure to do so will result in legal action being taken to recoup any lost profits.

Photographer is licensed in the Missouri area. Our photographers obey all laws and obtain those permits where needed to do the pictures taken within. Any persons who wish for our photographer to travel outside of Missouri to do pictures are responsible for all permits and fees that are involved with the photo shoot.

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