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Cronas Amateur Modeling Group

What is the Cronas Amateur Modeling Group and what all does it entail?

That is a question I have received many times by a lot of people.

Each month our photographer hosts special “events” which are a variety of different types of photos and styles that some of the girls in our amateur group have either suggested to try or that they have expressed an interest in. It is through such events that those who wish to test the waters of modeling may do so.

These events, while the ladies do have to sign a contract, are for the fun of all those involved. They are all voluntary events that allow the ladies to try styles and types of photography to see if they actually enjoy the experience. These shoots can range from simple fashion shoots to full nude artistic style shoots.

We only have a few rules when it comes to events. They are as follows:



Nothing is worse than to have made plans and prepped for 20 models to do an event or workshop only to have 2 or 3 show up. If you are in doubt of being able to make it, don’t sign up for it. This includes the events that we post on our Facebook page. We need to know in advance who will and will not be there, so if you are saying you will be, then do so.



When it comes to first time models, I don’t mind you bringing someone you trust along to give support. But if that person is going to cause problems (i.e. a jealous boyfriend, a perverted spouse, someone who is hyper critical of others, someone who is rude or obnoxious, etc.) then it is best that they don’t come along.  Also, unless the shoot is one which involves children under 18, please do not bring them to the shoots. The guidelines for each event will be known in advance, and to have a child under 18 at an event which may have nudity or sexuality means the shoot cannot be done. We have a variety of events each year that will allow children to be there, so please refrain from bringing them until those events.



We all like to have fun, to joke around, and to be part of the group. But it needs to be remembered that when we are doing a shoot in public we want to not only look professional, we want to act it also. We want people to notice you as a beautiful person, not as a troublemaker. The way the models act on a shoot is reflected on our company, so if you are not professional, you will be asked not to return. This also includes when dealing with the property that you are taking the photos at, the props that are being used, and the outfits. While we understand that accidents will happen, intentional destruction of property will not be allowed, and may involve the police being called if need be.



When we say this, we don’t mean just the photographer. We also mean the other models, some of who may be just learning to do shoots. Even if you don’t like a person who is taking a photo or who is helping, be respectful. Be respectful of the environment we may be in, even if it is a rundown building. Especially if it is on location that is not owned by us.

This one also applies to those models who don’t do certain types of events or workshops. Do not talk bad about your fellow models because they may do a type of shoot you do not. Some people are more willing to do different things, do nudes or art nudes which you may not do. Don’t speak bad about them for that, as there may be types of shoots you do they don’t.



Most events we do will have pictures of some sort posted on Facebook, Twitter, or the website. We want the models to not only share the pictures, but to promote upcoming events and workshops. Like and comment nice things about the pictures, events and workshops. This not only helps everyone get noticed, but if we grow large enough we will be approached by agencies looking to utilize our models for ads and their events.

This also means that we ask that you promote the various sites we are on, the Paetron page we have and the magazines we sell. All this helps to make money for the company and in turn, more money for shoots, outfits, events, workshops and trips to do shoots.  It also helps build the fund enough to have the models receive pay for the shoots if our Paetron page grows large enough.



When you are at a shoot of any sort, be cautious and safe. Do not try to be a daredevil or do something which will put you at risk for injury. We would rather not get that “awesome” shot if it means we keep our models out of harm’s way. This also includes not attending a shoot if you are sick or injured, as your safety and the other model’s safety is important. And no one wants to see a picture of a sick model.



This means that if you have an idea or a way to make a shoot better, say something. We are all in this together to help each other grow, to make the company and our names known. This also means to try and attend any of the meetings where we plan out events, workshops or trips. You input may help make an amazing event reality and help propel the name further.

So if being one of our models is something that you are interested in join the group, or look us up on Facebook by clicking here and talk to us about being part of our growing family.

Thank You

James L. Blackwell

Owner and photographer for Cronas Photography and Produce

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